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Baliem Valley is home to the interior tribes, known as farmers and warriors. Baliem Valley is surrounded by mountains of 2500 up to 3000 meters altitude, making it fertile agricultural land. The existence of newly discovered Baliem Valley in 1938. There are three tribes that inhabit the Baliem Valley, in the middle of the Dani, Lani tribe in the west and Yali tribe in the southeast. Each tribe has unique customs and traditions.

One thing is for sure, and interesting to distinguish the tribes in the Baliem Valley is from Koteka, or penis gourd, sported by the male members. The men of each tribe tend to the growing of the gourds with the three tribes each cultivating a different style. The Dani use a long, thin Koteka, the Lani sport a medium sized, wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali wear the longest of all.

Entering Baliem Valley is like entering a different world. You'll find an interesting experience regarding the uniqueness, traditions and traditional tribal way of life in the Baliem Valley.

To reach this place, you have to fly from Jakarta or Bali to Jayapura, the provincial capital of Irian Jaya / Papua. Then followed the flight from Jayapura to Wamena.

Before the find, the interior tribes in Baliem Valley is an isolated population of mountain and marsh. They grow crops, raising pigs and using weapons of sharpened stone. They do not make pottery, which is the sign of Modernity.

Entering Dani territory involves a journey into a deeper reality. The inevitable pig-feast on arrival is your rite of passage into their unique culture for an engrossing a four or five hour intense experience. You will find yourself in a simple, traditional compound surrounded by fully greased and painted Dani tribes-people wearing their ceremonial best.

Like Dani, Lani is an expert in irrigation farmers an effective and efficient to produce Sweet Potatoes, Tobacco, Beans, Taro, Spinach, Sugar Cane and Bananas. Much of the Lani lands lie in a beautiful oasis interspersed with checkerboard patterned sweet potato gardens. The Lani are more stockily built than the medium-bodied Dani and their lands are more densely populated. They tend to congregate in largish villages rather than the small compounds which dominate Dani territory.

Baliem Valley dominated the weather in sunny and walk along the river while enjoying the agricultural lands and forests is a paradise for trekkers. Travel is generally well maintained and clean because local people use it so the journey more comfortable.

Yali tribe living on higher ground along the riverbanks in the mountian Jaya Wijaya. Soil rough here and not densely populated. Yali tribe lived in wooden huts with roofs of trowel tree. They live in small communities. Agricultural land and forests surrounding the settlement.

Trekking in the Yali area is more heavy but perfect for experienced trekkers who want to enjoy the virgin tropical forests and the people who live there.

Conclusion, Baliem Valley will provide experience that will not be forgotten.




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